Podcast: Coping with Mental Illness Over The Holidays


Turkey. Stuffing. Families sitting down to assist you to dinner and…   arguing? If you’re, Thanksgiving Day isn’ t every to be thankful, but a day for you to dread, especially for people with mental diseases who feel judged by their groups.


In this episode, Gabe with Michelle talk about how things should go wrong during the holidays and share a few of their best and worst moments even though family gatherings. The show also contains practical advice that you can use and share utilizing your loved ones.  

Take a moment to relax and laugh next Thursday and – on behalf of many at A Bipolar , a Schizophrenic, and a Podcast – Happy Thanksgiving holiday and enjoy listening!





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“ You’ re the only individual I know who’ s mad together with their mother for being proud of to them. ” ~ Gabe Howard


Highlights With ‘ Thanksgiving with Mental Illness’ Episode

[1:00] Michelle and Gabe plan for Thanksgiving

[4:30] Michelle loses your girl’s damn mind over the word “ proud”

[9:00] People with mental diseases want to be treated also

[11:00] Our hosts debate culture vs . obligations

[17:00] Someone any time had a massive panic attack during Thanksgiving holiday dinner

[21:00] Practical advice on solution to have a better Thanksgiving


Meet Your Zweipolig and Schizophrenic Hosts

GABE HOWARD was legally diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders since being committed to a psychiatric centro in 2003. Now in financial compensation, Gabe is a prominent mental health related activist and host of the classy Psych Central Show podcast . He is also an award-winning author and speaker, traveling nationally to share with you the humorous, yet educational, report of his bipolar life. To do business with Gabe, visit gabehoward. com .


MICHELLE HAMMER most likely was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia at age twenty two, but incorrectly diagnosed with bipolar disorder with 18. Michelle is an award-winning cerebral health advocate who has been featured over press all over the world. In May 2015, Michelle founded the company Schizophrenic. NYC, a good solid mental health clothing line, aided by the mission of reducing stigma from starting conversations about mental future health. She is a firm believer that positive outlook can get you anywhere. To work with Michelle, check-out Schizophrenic. NYC .

Read more: psychcentral.com


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